It has been 6 months! 10.11.22

Man has the time flown by! 6 months since my last blog entry but about 4 months since I officially quit my healthcare job and launched HCC!

Just here to give you a little update on life and how things have been going on this end. 

Things I have been working on; starting to network and create relationships with people and businesses to begin wholesale accounts. I have been working on perfecting my roast on my new and larger roaster. I have hired someone to do my marketing set up because although Elon Musk says "you can learn anything on youtube" somethings are just easier to outsource to the pros. Speaking of youtube I have recorded my first educational coffee video and I plan to learn how to edit that and get it up and running.

One thing for sure that you will learn about running your own business is that you have strengths and weaknesses and they will be uncovered QUICKLY. 

I have been in the works of partnering with a local veteran owned clothing company so that should be coming to light soon and I am very excited about that. I am also working with another veteran group and will be doing hopefully my first of many events as their coffee vendor next weekend. 

Another big focus I have is shipping. The world is in a weird state of chaos right now and prices are going up on all fronts to include shipping costs. I am a small business and as of now I cannot afford to do free or flat rate shipping but I am figuring out ways to get the cost of shipping down for my customers!

Thanks for reading, take care, go read something and get outside!

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