Post Veteran Car Show 10.17.22

Hey Ya'll,

So this past weekend I was chosen to be a vendor at a car show raising money for a veteran organization called Heroes Night Out. The crew that is managing this foundation is amazing and I feel really blessed to be connected with them and the veteran community. It is important to me to show up to events where they do things as simple and for me as expected as performing the national anthem. 

Great people came out and I love to meet everyone and share my story and my WHY with others. I am feeling grateful today and I have another car show lined up for next month and I plan to make it even better. My focus this week is getting shipping costs down and making some wholesale connections in town. 

One thing I have learned recently, that I think everyone can benefit from is that you must look at things one step at a time. I have felt so overwhelmed with tasks and projects since launching this business and sometimes it gets me to the point of freezing up. As they say the best way to eat an elephant, is one bite at a time. That is really true in any situation and most certainly something I am working on now. 

I hope if you're reading this you are trying to work on yourself little by little. Picking out a clear path and tackling things one by one. Don't just prioritize easy things although those can be helpful to build momentum in the beginning or during rough times. Do Hard Shit. Learn to be better. Read for fun. Go outside. Work harder. Sleep more. Exercise. Practice being a good listener. Spend time with those you love. 

These ain't just for you but me too.

Til next time...

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