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Hard Charger Coffee

FAFO – Dark Roast

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Fuck Around and Find Out... kinda speaks for itself

This coffee is a dark roast with a full flavor profile.

Dark like the minds of the people who drink their coffee black.

**Please note, if you want an espresso roast either select espresso grind or write a note at check out and I will roast these beans for an espresso roast.**

Origin: Papa New Guinea and Honduras

Flavor Profile: toffee, chocolate and almonds

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ryan Spurling
Best coffee Ever

Most coffees have a weird bitter after taste that everyone just puts up with these day. Most have were roasted months to a year or more. They lose all for oils of the bean. Not this coffee! Great taste, fresh, roasted per order.

Lynn Olson

Best coffee we have ever purchased! We love the dark roast! Anna's personal touch makes this even better.

Melanie Gibson
Best coffee around

This is the best coffee you will ever drink! Will never go back old burnt coffee beans again.

Kyle England
Freedom in a Cup

If you like BRCC, you will love Hard Charger!! Great American company with great coffee. The FAFO roast is one I keep on subscription because it’s that good!

Greg McKinney Jr
Fucked Around and Found Out!

Where was this when I was running my Marines? This roast will definitely kick you in the taste buds. Bold, flavorful, with just the kind of GO needed to start your moto machine in high gear. And guess what... No jitters. This is Gunny's go to for a boost of motardation! Well done Marine (Anna)!

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Answer your customers' common questions

What if I dont know what type of roast I prefer?

When polled, most people voted for a medium roast. Its kinda of the best of both worlds and its straight up delicious. A dark roast is great for espresso or if you like to drink it black and love that roasty flavor. A light roast is great for the morning because it has a higher caffeine content, although it can be more acidic with the flavor profile.

Do you have K-cups?

Short answer: no

If you are a die hard K-cup user, grab one of the refillable k-cups and grab whichever bag you like. At checkout select the option for K-cup/french roast and you'll be good to go!

What's the best way to brew coffee?

There is no best way, it is whatever works for you! I use different methods in different situations ie; french press when camping but I use an espresso machine at home and a drip at work.