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Hard Charger Coffee

Fuck Around and Find Out Tee

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This shirt was inspired by the Second Amendment and how I see an AWAKENING of Americans to claim their gun rights and protect themselves from TYRANNY. 

Skeleton hand coming up from a pile of coffee beans because at Hard Charger you know we got your back!

USA Strong.

100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

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Johndaniel Coffin

I love the shirt and the message. Great coffee too! Support American, support a badass!

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What if I dont know what type of roast I prefer?

When polled, most people voted for a medium roast. Its kinda of the best of both worlds and its straight up delicious. A dark roast is great for espresso or if you like to drink it black and love that roasty flavor. A light roast is great for the morning because it has a higher caffeine content, although it can be more acidic with the flavor profile.

Do you have K-cups?

Short answer: no

If you are a die hard K-cup user, grab one of the refillable k-cups and grab whichever bag you like. At checkout select the option for K-cup/french roast and you'll be good to go!

What's the best way to brew coffee?

There is no best way, it is whatever works for you! I use different methods in different situations ie; french press when camping but I use an espresso machine at home and a drip at work.